Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How's it GROWIN'?

May 9th

My cute little walkway through the turnip and black bean jungle...

The corner garden... cucumbers, oregano, mums, monkey grass, flowering almond, and a baby sago palm...
The flower garden will hopefully soon be covered in creeping phlox and lantana!
 Another view of the flowers near the center, with green beans to the left, pumpkin, squash, cucumbers and sweet potatoes in the back.  In the far right you can see the turnip bead.
Some of my herb garden- lemon balm, texas tarragon, and curly parsley accompanied by pansies, violas and petunias.
 This is a close-up view of the pumpkin, squash, cucumber and sweet potato bed along the wall of the house.
Close-up view of the turnip and watermelon beds...
Ever heard of an "Accidental Tourist?" This is our accidental watermelon!  When my son and I dug up the side yard for the new garden, we transplanted lots of excess red clay to the "humps" on the side of the driveway.  As the transplanted grass was coming in, I noticed this curious little fella...  We have decided to let him stay, just to see what happens :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Today I am participating in The Homesteader Blog Carnival with friends at The Morris Tribe!  These folks are super cool!  I get lots of needed laughs as well as neat ideas reading the blog!  Check it out!

The Morris Tribe Blog Carnival

My Garden- April 24, 2012

The pics in this post are from last week- April 24th specifically!  I am amazed how much my little garden has changed in one week.  In my next post I will how how dramatically different it is!

In this area along the house, there used to be four HUGE holly bushes that my my son and daughter helped me dig out. They seemed to be good for nothing but yellow jacket housing and overgrowth into the electrical boxes.  There was also a good bit of turf in front of them.  We dug every bit of turf out of the area by hand.
 This is a better shot of the corner of the house.  Our houses faces North and my garden is on the front and West side yards.  Everyone says my garden should be on the South side, but do you see why I cannot have a garden on the South side of my house?  There are 7 large old oak trees in the backyard.  I hope this side garden will work ok.

This whole side yard used to be covered in green "stuff."  I am pretty sure it would not all have been considered grass.  As I mentioned above, my son and I, removed all of the turf in this area by hand as well as much of the dirt.  The dirt that was originally here was more clay-like so we used it to fill in holes around the rest of the yard.  In the right-hand corner, I used old flat bed sheets instead of landscape fabric to block weeds and covered them in pine straw for the playground.

 Our backyard had a very ugly paver patio installed by the previous homeowner.  It was very poorly done and had been driving me nuts for years so we pulled up all the pavers, which ended up totaling 76.  I busted most of them so I could use them to create walking and seating areas in the new garden.  Hopefully the creeping herbs and such will begin filling in the cracks. I love the way it looks like it has been there a while.

This is one of those seating areas.  It is surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, and many herbs.  See that green arrow?  It is pointing to what is left of my Little Gem Magnolia tree I bought last year from a friend.  My daughter let the dog leash get wrapped around the tree and it snapped.  What is left is a tiny nub with leaves.  Let's hope it will survive.

In a previous post I mentioned the roses on my porch- here they are!  I love my pink roses!!
This is an "upclose" of the pay area.  My ultimate plan is to remove the brick edging once the monkey grass has re-established.  For now, no one climbs on this side of the playground!

My daughter is outside right now snapping new photos of the gardens so I can show you just how much it has changed in one week!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roses are Blooming

This truly is my favorite time of year!
Okay, I know I said that last fall, but when you see the photos you will understand why.
When we first moved into this house in 2006 I had never grown roses.  I knew nothing about them.
In fact, I was so intimidated by the thought of growing roses I decided to get rid of them.
I tried as hard as I could to kill them, but nothing worked.  Just when I thought I had decided to burn them, one of the varieties bloomed.  Suddenly, I was hooked and I still am.

One of the varieties is called "Seven Sisters" I believe.  I have no idea what the other one is- it's just a pink rose.  These photos have been "doctored" a bit by my artistic daughter whom you will see at the bottom of the post!
The smaller clustered roses are all along my fence and climbing the right side of my front porch.  I just love bunches of pink flowers surrounded by green foliage!

This is another reason I love this season- Amaryllis!  The funny thing is, my son, buried the bulbs in the compost heap last year thinking it was dead.  Boy did he get a shock recently when he went out to find this-  
This is my daughter who took the beautiful pictures :)  Thanks Halie!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Name

Some of you may be wondering what's up with the name change.  
Others are probably wondering what a "mimzie" is.
That is a good question.  
One of my quirky teenagers cannot seem to call me mom, mommy or mamma.  
In fact, she prefers to make up little names for everyone in her life.
So, I am "Mimzie" and Drew is "Pip" 
I am not sure where she got them, but these names have grown on us.

So, welcome to Simply Mimzie.  
Its just me
my life
my thoughts
my pics

The rest of 2011

We have been quite busy since the last post in the fall. Here are the highlights from the rest of 2011...
Baby Alyssa came back to us after her surgery...
Then Gabe returned to us as well- YAY!!!
But right before Christmas, our Bryden moved to Oregon.  
I managed to get some good photos of all 5 kids together before he moved!!
Christmas came and went as always.  But this year we determined to do things a little simpler.  This is our "real" Christmas tree, Drew cut down for us.  Yes, it's a pine tree.
We hosted the Bilbrey Family Christmas and enjoyed some great laughs in the white elephant gift exchange with all the kids.  Christmas with my parents was as much a blessing as always.  
New Year 2012 came in the same way 2011 and the many years prior- quiet and uneventful, just the way we like it!!

There will be more to come over the next few days to catch up from January to April!!  Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Craftiness

We do lots of artsy craftsy stuff at our house.  This week the Littles finger painted on construction paper.  There is not much use in going through the preparation just to paint one piece of paper, especially when the artists are 28 and 19 months of age.  After 15 minutes of intense concentration (HA) we ended up with 12-15 pages of picasso-esque artwork.   What in the world are we supposed to do with all those pages of seemingly random masterpieces.  Suddenly the thought came to me.  We are in the midst of the most beautiful of all seasons- FALL and we are embarking on the first celebration of the holiday season- THANKSGIVING!  So I decided to turn our many handpainted masterpieces into turkey feathers and a tree.  Here is our end result:
Maria's Turkey

Bryden's Tree
Once the tree was on the page, it still looked sorta bare so I added a few scrapbooking embellishments, which of course meant we needed a photo to display!  So yesterday when the wind was blowing and the sky was just the right shade of hazy gray we dressed the Littles in "Fallish" attire and ventured outside for an impromptu photo shoot!  It was lots of fun and the Littles had a fun time running around, holding hands and sharing seats.  Afterward, during nap time, I uploaded the photos to WalMart's photo studio and printed off two wallet size pics, which fit the space perfectly and only cost fifty-eight cents.

Today we will be making our own playdough.  I got the recipe from this very cool website: skip to my lou
This one requires me to do some cooking, but from what I can tell it will last longer than some of the others I have tried.  Thanks for stopping by today.  For your enjoyment I have posted the rest of our pics from the last-minute photo shoot.
Bryden is curious about EVERYTHING!

I just loved this pic.  Who knows what he was thinking about?

He loves sticking out his tongue all of a sudden.

He's not really cute is he?

He is growing up too quickly and starting to loose his baby face :(

Probably oughta do something about the tongue thing.

Curiosity can quickly turn to destruction for little boys.

Just before making the sour-puss face!

I just love the saggy drawers, don't you?


Run Maria

But, Mrs. Jenny, we don't wanna hold hands anymore!

playing shy

This is the one we printed for the art work.  Did I mention it was only 58 cents to get two perfectly sized prints?

The little Lady


Such a beautiful child

She just loves to sing...

Still singing...


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