Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Craftiness

We do lots of artsy craftsy stuff at our house.  This week the Littles finger painted on construction paper.  There is not much use in going through the preparation just to paint one piece of paper, especially when the artists are 28 and 19 months of age.  After 15 minutes of intense concentration (HA) we ended up with 12-15 pages of picasso-esque artwork.   What in the world are we supposed to do with all those pages of seemingly random masterpieces.  Suddenly the thought came to me.  We are in the midst of the most beautiful of all seasons- FALL and we are embarking on the first celebration of the holiday season- THANKSGIVING!  So I decided to turn our many handpainted masterpieces into turkey feathers and a tree.  Here is our end result:
Maria's Turkey

Bryden's Tree
Once the tree was on the page, it still looked sorta bare so I added a few scrapbooking embellishments, which of course meant we needed a photo to display!  So yesterday when the wind was blowing and the sky was just the right shade of hazy gray we dressed the Littles in "Fallish" attire and ventured outside for an impromptu photo shoot!  It was lots of fun and the Littles had a fun time running around, holding hands and sharing seats.  Afterward, during nap time, I uploaded the photos to WalMart's photo studio and printed off two wallet size pics, which fit the space perfectly and only cost fifty-eight cents.

Today we will be making our own playdough.  I got the recipe from this very cool website: skip to my lou
This one requires me to do some cooking, but from what I can tell it will last longer than some of the others I have tried.  Thanks for stopping by today.  For your enjoyment I have posted the rest of our pics from the last-minute photo shoot.
Bryden is curious about EVERYTHING!

I just loved this pic.  Who knows what he was thinking about?

He loves sticking out his tongue all of a sudden.

He's not really cute is he?

He is growing up too quickly and starting to loose his baby face :(

Probably oughta do something about the tongue thing.

Curiosity can quickly turn to destruction for little boys.

Just before making the sour-puss face!

I just love the saggy drawers, don't you?


Run Maria

But, Mrs. Jenny, we don't wanna hold hands anymore!

playing shy

This is the one we printed for the art work.  Did I mention it was only 58 cents to get two perfectly sized prints?

The little Lady


Such a beautiful child

She just loves to sing...

Still singing...

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