Monday, April 30, 2012

My Garden- April 24, 2012

The pics in this post are from last week- April 24th specifically!  I am amazed how much my little garden has changed in one week.  In my next post I will how how dramatically different it is!

In this area along the house, there used to be four HUGE holly bushes that my my son and daughter helped me dig out. They seemed to be good for nothing but yellow jacket housing and overgrowth into the electrical boxes.  There was also a good bit of turf in front of them.  We dug every bit of turf out of the area by hand.
 This is a better shot of the corner of the house.  Our houses faces North and my garden is on the front and West side yards.  Everyone says my garden should be on the South side, but do you see why I cannot have a garden on the South side of my house?  There are 7 large old oak trees in the backyard.  I hope this side garden will work ok.

This whole side yard used to be covered in green "stuff."  I am pretty sure it would not all have been considered grass.  As I mentioned above, my son and I, removed all of the turf in this area by hand as well as much of the dirt.  The dirt that was originally here was more clay-like so we used it to fill in holes around the rest of the yard.  In the right-hand corner, I used old flat bed sheets instead of landscape fabric to block weeds and covered them in pine straw for the playground.

 Our backyard had a very ugly paver patio installed by the previous homeowner.  It was very poorly done and had been driving me nuts for years so we pulled up all the pavers, which ended up totaling 76.  I busted most of them so I could use them to create walking and seating areas in the new garden.  Hopefully the creeping herbs and such will begin filling in the cracks. I love the way it looks like it has been there a while.

This is one of those seating areas.  It is surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, and many herbs.  See that green arrow?  It is pointing to what is left of my Little Gem Magnolia tree I bought last year from a friend.  My daughter let the dog leash get wrapped around the tree and it snapped.  What is left is a tiny nub with leaves.  Let's hope it will survive.

In a previous post I mentioned the roses on my porch- here they are!  I love my pink roses!!
This is an "upclose" of the pay area.  My ultimate plan is to remove the brick edging once the monkey grass has re-established.  For now, no one climbs on this side of the playground!

My daughter is outside right now snapping new photos of the gardens so I can show you just how much it has changed in one week!

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  1. OH I love your garden, too! Love how you are using your landscape to garden!

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